Submission FAQ’s

Is there a submission fee?

As long as I am alive and breathing there will NEVER be a submission fee. You shouldn’t have to pay to put your writing out there.

Do you maintain first rights?

We don’t claim first rights. We prefer to publish fresh content, but we will also publish something that has previously been published elsewhere. Also we don’t claim your work in any way, so you can publish your work elsewhere after we publish it. We also accept dual submissions.

Do you compensate your contributors?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to compensate our contributors with money, but each contributor receives one free copy of the issue of 1932 Quarterly in which they are published. And we will ship this copy to anywhere on earth.

Are there any content restrictions?

No content is off-limits.

 Are there format restrictions?

No. Go crazy, put John M. Bennett to shame.

Can I submit to multiple issues in a row?

Yes, you can submit the same pieces or new pieces to each and every issue.