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We decided to make the switch and move our website to 1932quarterly.com.  So, if you want to keep up on what is happening with the journal head on over, since our wordpress.com site will not be up-kept. Don’t worry, it’s still the same great style and content just with an awesome domain name all our own.

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We Are 1932

Named after Plath’s birth year, 1932 Quarterly was born in a swimming pool in the Midwest as a way to bring people from all over the world together in one place. We accept submissions from people in every walk of life, every background, every age, every language, dialect, and style. Our mission is to bring little pieces of the hearts and minds of unlikely friends from all over the world together in four yearly books.

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Letter from the Editor

Dear readers, submitters, and curious folk alike,

I’ve always been awful at missing people -utterly and completely terrible at it. I’ve been lucky enough to live in dozens of cities and countries across this darling earth and I’ve been even luckier to fall in love with the vast number of people I’ve met. Unfortunately, I’ve had to leave everyone I’ve ever loved as well. I’ve always wished for one thing and one thing only, and that was to bring all of the people who’ve ever made me feel alive, youthful, electric, comforted, not alone, appreciated, and sublimely happy in one place and that’s what I plan to do with 1932 Quarterly. 1932 Quarterly is my way of having everyone I’ve ever loved -from Seattle to London to Philly to Vienna and everywhere in between- in one place. At least between the covers of 1932 Quarterly they’ll all be in one place and it will bridge the distance gap. So this is about bringing unlikely people together and building an everlasting bond and it has been such a beautiful and fulfilling endeavor so far.

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Layla Lenhardt


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We are currently in the selection process for our Summer 2017 issue so submissions are closed.

The fall submission window will be announced soon. Check back later.

See the following for the submission guidelines:

1. You may submit up to ten pieces of poetry with any type of formatting.
2. Each piece must be in a separate word processing document (Microsoft Word preferred but not mandatory) WITHOUT your name in the document.

1. You may submit up to three pieces of short prose, no more than 10 pages each.
2. Each piece must be in a separate word processing document (Microsoft Word preferred but not mandatory) WITHOUT your name in the document.

In your submission email, please denote which files are prose and which are poetry and include a short third-person biography of no more than 40 words. Also, keep in mind you may choose to resubmit work if it was not accepted for publication in either our previous issues!

Your adherence with following these guidelines is greatly appreciated as our team of editors will be going through a lot of work.

We look forward to receiving the fruits of your creative labor!
The 1932 Staff